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About Freelancespots

Find your spot to work and meet. Freelancespots is the accessible platform for remote workers to find the best places to work or meet.

The world has become more mobile. Remote working is getting more and more popular. There are a variety of reasons why remote workers want to work or meet in a professional working place, cafe, library or campus. Some people get more productive or creative being in a different environment, other people get more focus because they get more distraction at home. Some find calm places to have a business meeting, others are just on the go and decide to get some work done in a place nearby. Whatever your reason, on Freelancespots you can find your suitable spot.

About the team

We are a small team of freelancers consisting of graphic designers, webdevelopers and content writers dedicated to list all the spots in the world where you can work and meet. We think it’s important that remote workers like freelancers, entrepreneurs, digital nomads, students, remote employees and others have an accessible place to find the most suited places to work and meet.

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